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PU Injection Grouting


What is PU Injection Grouting?

PU injection Grouting, also known as polyurethane injection grouting, a technical term used to stop water leakage and seepages by filling the cracks and voids in concrete slabs, joints, floor, wall or even ceiling.

Why use PU Injection Grouting to solve Water Leakage Problems?

PU Injection Grouting is the best option in most water leakage issues. Injection grouting is cost effective as compared to other traditional methods. This method involves injecting resin into affected areas or crack lines which cause a chemical reaction when in contact with water filling up empty spaces in these crack space. There is no need to hack your walls, floor or ceiling with modern PU Grouting technique.




PU Injection Grouting Method

Water Leakage Inspection

Inspection of suspected water or any kinds of leakage with aid of technical waterproofing knowledge and equipment to determine root cause of seepage, cracks and leakages

Leakage Assessment & Solution

Employ the least hassle injection grouting method of repair suitable to stop water leaks

Repair Actions

PU injection grouting is mainly used to inject into concrete, honeycombed concrete, soils, pipes, pipe intrusion and other voids using high pressure equipment to close up the cracks without any knocking or hacking


Access that injection grouting method to waterproof and stop leakage has been performed well and ensure that 100% no water leakage with thorough inspection.

Where can PU Grouting be applied?

  • Bathroom/Toilet
  • Roof
  • Basement
  • Balcony
  • Swimming Pool
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Floors & etc