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Water leakage wall repair


Are you experiencing Water Leakage Issues?

Ever notice a drip of water coming from the ceiling above you? What about some wet stains on the side of the wall? You may be unknowingly experiencing a water leakage. If there is a toilet above the ceiling or beside that wall, these minor details can be critical in identifying a water leakage. There are many cases of water seepage reported, ranging from ceiling leaks to floor leaks. These can originate from the walls or ceiling of homes, and even offices, which can lead to ugly moulds and stubborn stains forming on the surfaces. This leak may be from your upper floor neighbour or even within your own unit, but if you are in Singapore, most probably you are experiencing a HDB ceiling leak or Condo Ceiling leak?




Steps to find out whether you have any water leakage/waterproofing problems

  • Step 1: Look Out For Visible Signs of Water Leakages
  • Step 2: Check Area Above/Beside Affected Stains
  • Step 3: Avoid Usage of Water Above/Beside Affected Stains
  • Step 4: Contact A Waterproofing Specialist